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10 years of devopsdays

It’s hard to believe but it is almost 10 years ago since #devopsdays happened for the first time in Gent. Back then there were almost 70 of us talking about topics that were of interest to both Operations and Development, we were exchanging our ideas and experiences `on how we were improving the quality of software delivery. Our ideas got started on the crossroads of Open Source, Agile and early Cloud Adoption.

devopsdays 101 (pt-br)

Então você está pensando em organizar um devopsdays na sua cidade, hein? Nessa hora surgem várias dúvidas, as quais iremos responder da melhor maneira possível neste momento. devopsdays é um evento internacional, não é meio grande demais para a minha cidadezinha? Definitivamente não, quanto mais diversos forem os locais onde o evento ocorre, mais diversa a discussão em torno de DevOps será, e isso significa que o ponto de vista das pessoas da sua comunidade local ainda não foram colocados em pauta e é a cultura DevOps que está perdendo com isso.

Kansas City 2017 in review

On Sept 21st and 22nd, 2017, 350+ software practioners took over the Uptown Theater in Kansas City Missouri to discuss DevOps at DevOpsDays KC

Sao Paulo 2018 in review

Introduction This is a report with data stats and lessons learned about DevOpsDays Sao Paulo 2018, held on 06 and 07 of June at Hotel Century Flat. Goal Most events with DevOps subject in Brazil have more like Ops profile, others events that are trying to reach “DevOps public” add a track about that. But, often talks have subject around tools. We would like to discuss to invoke subjects beyond Infrastructure as Code and/or Continuous Delivery.

Minneapolis 2017 and 2018

Looking back at 2017 and ahead to next week’s 2018 event for devopsdays Minneapolis!

Singapore 2017 in review

On October 25th and 26th 2017, software practitioners from all over the world met in Microsoft Operations Offices Singapore to discuss DevOps at DevOpsDays Singapore.

Cuba 2017 in review

Last October, 23-27 2017 we celebrated at Melia Marina Varadero the second annual event of DevOpsDays Cuba with participation of more than 120 delegates. The event was well received and of great interest to different educational institutions such as: Informatics Science University (UCI), Central University (UCLV) and others Universities from different regions of the country. In addition, the public sector was represented by professionals of companies related to Software Industry and Telecommunications services such as: DESOFT, DATYS, GEOCUBA, ETECSA, XETID, etc.

Revisitando o DevOpsDays Brasília 2017

DevOpsDays Brasília 2017 aconteceu em 07 e 08 de novembro de 2017.

Auckland 2017 in review

DevOpsDays Auckland 2017 was held on October 3rd and 4th.

Seattle 2017 in review

DevOpsDays Seattle 2017 was held on April 26th and 27th. Around 400 participants saw a mix of internationally known and local speaker talking about their challenges and successes.Page 1 of 3  Next