DevOpsDays Stands With Ukraine

by DevOpsDays Global Core Organizers - 02 March, 2022

The DevOpsDays community stands with our Ukrainian community members, friends and family. We condemn the actions of Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. We urge all community members to do whatever they can to help Ukraine; whether it be donating money, time, influence, or all of the above.

There are many ways you can help Ukraine right now.

TL;DR - If you’re in the US donate to Nova Ukraine and Razom for Ukraine which are both 501(c)3 and are commonly found in Employer Match programs. Outside of the US donation options can be found at and Raise awareness using #StandWithUkraine on Social Media.

In our opinion, the best resource to find out how to help in your country is the Support Ukraine Now website ( which lists ways to donate money, provide humanitarian aid, offer shelter, attend rallies, contact politicians/leaders, etc. Much of the information found below is taken from there.

Special thanks to the DevOpsDays Kyiv team who provided many of the resources and details found below.

Be Informed

There are many sources of information right now; some are better than others.  Where possible try to follow Ukrainian news directly rather than what your local news media is showing as it is more likely to be accurate and detailed.

The following are sources that we trust:


Social Media

Donate Money

As always be wary of scams asking for help, always verify the Charity/Organization/Person is legitimate; there have been many instances already of scams, especially in the crypto space.

If you are in the US you may want to consider donating to one of the 501(c)3 charities. There are a number listed on the websites above but you may want to check if your employer matches donations to them.  Both Nova Ukraine and Razom for Ukraine are commonly found in Employer Match programs and are easy to donate money to.

World Central Kitchen is providing hot meals to Ukrainians as they cross the border into Poland and other neighboring countries. They are also helping kitchens provide meals in Lviv and Odessa.  You can donate to them here.

There are many Humanitarian and Support Charities.  For comprehensive lists across many countries, you can visit and

The 24.02 Fund has been set up to help equip reporters and newsrooms in Ukraine with the necessary equipment, vehicles, and protective gear.

If you feel comfortable doing so you can donate directly to the Ukrainian Army from anywhere in the world via the National Bank of Ukraine or Monobank.

Social Media

Be wary of sharing unverified content. The usual misinformation is flying around.  Look for multiple trusted sources sharing information before sharing it yourself.


Share your support for Ukraine for your network by writing a tweet, or retweeting others.   Use the hashtag #StandWithUkraine. Provide Links to resources and Donations in a thread.

Example Tweet Content:

You can transfer money to the following accounts:


🇺🇦Helping the civilians: UA84300001000000047330992708 

🇺🇦You can find extra information over at 

🇺🇦Link with all the help:

The kinds of information you should think about including/sharing:

  1. Spread truthful information via your personal social media accounts 

  2. Share any links about shelters and seeking asylum status in your countries 

  3. Organize street protests in your city to support Ukraine and condemn Putin’s invasion

  4. Contact your local MP or Representative in regards to supporting Ukraine


Example Facebook Post to share or copy

Example Linkedin Post to share or copy


Follow the #cookforukraine hashtag for many local fundraisers. It’s also a good way to find Ukrainian influencers such as Olia Hercules who are providing good content and links on Instagram.

Your Employer

  1. Reach out to your leadership and tell them to make a public statement in support of Ukraine by condemning the invasion.  

  2. Ask them to donate immediately to support Ukraine.

  3. Ask them to match your donations.  

  4. Ask them to change any planned promoted tweets (or other social media) to promote helping Ukraine instead.

  5. Ask for time off to work full-time on helping Ukraine in any way that you can.

Your Government

  1. Find the contacts of your state and local authorities and diplomats on the official government websites, contacts of journalists.

  2. Share the official letter from a member of Verkhovna Rada, the Parliament of Ukraine, about the support Ukraine needs.

Reach out to your local city and state leaders, reach out to your members of Congress, presidents, MPs, etc.  

  1. Demand that they help Ukraine

  2. Insist that they help create a no-fly area over Ukraine

  3. Demand that they send both Humanitarian and Military aid.  

  4. Demand that they send in troops to help repel the invasion.

  5. Demand that they immediately sever any financial ties with Russia

  6. Insist that they freeze the assets of Russian Oligarchs

If you’re in the US you can use the weStandWithUkraine bot on Telegram to find your local representatives and how to communicate with them.

Updating this post

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Last updated 2 March 2022