Alexander Schwartz

Title: “Forget about redshirts, here come the tribbles” (serverless microservices will rule the world)


TL;DR this talk is about Microservices and serverless architectures (FaaS) compared to PaaS.
Yes, of course this title requires an explanation.
In her keynote at DevOpsDays Berlin 2014 Dawn Foster ( was introducing an appealing Star Trek metaphor to explain the idea that we better treat servers as something replaceable: “Treat your servers as redshirts”. (You probably remember that redshirts are in the Star Trek world are the poor security guys that always die when they are joining an excursion to a planet, whereas the yellow and blue shirts, namely Kirk and his deck crew, always survive.)
Now after a few years we are ready for a new metaphor: “Forget about redshirts, here come the tribbles”. Rather than crafting our code and a deployment pipeline to deploy in our favorite cloud PaaS on servers (redshirts), we write many microservices using lambda functions and AWS is executing -- and magically spinning up nameless tribbles. (As you of course know tribbles are the plushy, nameless animals starring in Star Trek 2×13.)
We are going to cover how FaaS architectures (function as a service), that is serverless microservice architectures (e.g. AWS Lambda), can help us to implement apps and services quickly in a quite simple way, how to deploy them. Even the feature flag can be replaced by using quite simple patterns. Of course we will cover also the business and financial aspects FaaS compared to PaaS.