Jill Jubinski

Title: DevOps'ing Recruitment


All aspects of DevOps are difficult; acknowledging, implementing, hell even defining. But do you know whats even harder then DevOps? People. Finding, recruiting and retaining.

We’ve seen great strides in the DevOps community in terms of changing the way engineering teams think about process and procedures, but why stop there? Why not use DevOps principles in another aspect of technology that seems to be broken; recruitment.


Jill Jubinski

Jill Jubinski


Jill Jubinski is an recruiting veteran with over 6 years of recruiting experience in the community. She received her Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with plans to change the way organizations treated their employees. When that didn’t work out she started recruiting ;-) Jill leans on her strength in relationship building as a jumping off point to help organizations build amazing teams and genuinely cares about the health and wellness of an organizations culture.