Stefan Streichsbier

Security at DevOps Speed

More and more companies are switching to Agile and DevOps methodologies to enable continuous delivery. And while development is becoming faster and faster and new features are released on a daily basis, application security is struggling to keep up. For the most part application security seems to be stuck in the dark ages of waterfall.

In this talk I will discuss a new approach to application security that enables Agile development teams to ship software at DevOps speed.



Stefan Streichsbier

Stefan Streichsbier


Stefan has been focusing on information security since 2003. He is passionate about analysing complex applications through architecture, design and source code reviews and improving their security posture. As the CTO of Vantage Point he is working on revolutionary approaches to integrate security into the agile and DevOps with the goal to sustainably eradicate vulnerabilities from applications and empower dev teams. Stefan has founded the local DevSecOps Singapore Meetup group that is enjoying an active and ever growing community.