The hidden buttons in your organisation: what to influence, what to measure?

We all manage to define and use technical metrics that focus on velocity and quality in a DevOps environment. is a good example.

But what about organisational and cultural metrics? There is no clear and consistent set. While these are at least as important as the technical ones, realising that almost every DevOps implementation is slowed down because of organisational issues.

This workshop is about putting together a working set of organisational criteria, split into leading and lagging indicators.

Leading indicators are hard to measure, but easy to influence (calories that you eat and burn). Lagging indicators are easy to measure, but hard to influence (your weight).

Join us for this 2,5 hour workshop and be among the first to reap the benefits of a working set of related lagging and leading indicators that help DevOps teams thrive. They may cover everything from trust to silo dispersion and from agile scalability to DevOps ownership level. We collected almost 30 examples and we bet the participants bring another 30 with them.