Your goat antifragiled my snowflake!: Demystifying DevOps Jargon

Are you a cow, a goat, a canary, or a unicorn? Are running K8S? Who the heck is Brent? Find out!

Welcome to devOps, where we are all about breaking down walls. But, we’ve created a private dialect, full of familiar words with unfamiliar meanings, and in-jokes upon in-jokes. Many newcomers wish there was a glossary for the movement. Time to be inclusive!

In this fun, breathless session, we’ll go over some of the more unintuitive terms (being a goat is a good thing!) and the backstories behind them.



Clinton Wolfe


Clinton Wolfe works with Atlanta-based Relus Technologies, where he helps organizations adopt DevOps culture and practices as they move to the cloud. That also means he voluntarily chooses to go into