Unconventional Wisdom: What Non-Techies Can Teach Us About Technology

“A great flame follows a little spark.” -Alighieri Dante

Technology was not born in a vacuum. Incredible thinkers across disparate non-tech fields planted the seeds to create modern technology. Leaders in technology changed the world with enlightenment from boundless worldwide wisdom and creativity inspired by history’s greatest artists and lateral thinkers.

We will explore aphorisms, idioms, and quotes from a wide range of fields including philosophy, sociology, history, literature, art, and music, and how their meanings can make better techies and collaborators. While many might walk away with reinforcement of what they already know, a new generation might gain new inspiration on where to find their own spark.



Josh Lohrman


Josh Lohrman is a Platform Integration Architect at The Weather Company, and IBM Business. He doesn’t know what that means either. He has 15 years combined experience with Development, Operations,