Enrique Carbonell

Enrique has a B.S. in Computer Science in 2010 at UCLV. He is a Software Engineer and DevOps Enthusiast at DATYS where he has been working as a software developer, team lead and automation nut. He’s part of the team that drives adoption of new technologies and he has been constantly involved in automation and exploring ways to do it properly and as risk free as possible. He has strong interest in DevOps and BigData challenges. He is part of the transition to a microservice oriented architecture on immutable infrastructure, containers and elastic partitioning. He is also a conference organizer of DevOpsDays Cuba and organizer of official Docker’s community in Cuba: Docker Havana.

When he is not writing code, or researching new technologies, he enjoys traveling and sharing his skills with other like minded professionals who want to make the world more awesome. Outside of work, Enrique loves spending time with family and building exciting project.

Enrique Carbonell at Cuba 2017