I cannot do DEVOPS because ...

In the past 3 years, my team assisted many teams in their DEVOPS transformation internally and externally.

A common pattern in slow adoption or failures is what I am calling the "I can't do it because".

Here are some real life examples, which all start with "I can't do DEVOPS because":

  • I don't have time
  • my company is constrained by very strict audit requirements
  • I am working on a legacy platform
  • my team doesn't have the knowledge in Docker, Ansible, etc.

A successful DEVOPS journey is predicated to enabling a change in culture and mind-set. A successful organization need to address those concerns without losing capabilities or compliancy.

These changes will force people in the organization to think differently and to consider constraints as opportunities to automate. This will enable long term changes in the work environment.

We'll focus on demonstrating how we can achieve success by de-bunking those myths and enabling the right culture.




Antoine Voiry

Senior Enterprise architect dealing with complex data subjects. I have a passion with technology and enjoy driving changes. I drove adoption of DEVOPS, DOCKER in large distributed teams.