The elephant in the room. How to attract and retain great DevOps talent.

People, Process, Technology, 3 of the key things to consider if you’re looking to implement DevOps principles.

So you’ve implemented you DevOps processes, you’ve agreed on the technology you’re going to use to deliver, but here is the killer question…. how are you going to attract and retain the people to implement the vision?

DevOps is all about culture, but one of the most difficult areas in the implementation of DevOps practices is finding exceptional people with the relevant skill sets who can put the strategy created into practice.

Huge amounts of organisations demand DevOps related skills, but do we set ourselves aside from the other ten thousand companies looking for ‘DevOps’ capability? Demand far exceeds supply, so we need to ensure we are different.




Tony Chapman


Tony has been instrumental in the hiring space for the UK’s DevOps community. Over the last decade he has helped build some of the worlds best engineering functions within the Enterprise, SME