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Our local team


Andy Dyrcz



Proud Member of Pipegreppers Union Local 614


Ben Blanquera


Bill Schwanitz


David Laulusa


David has worked at Bell Labs, SAP and whole slew of companies in between. Three years ago when he started working at SAP, his boss handed him The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim and Continuous Delivery by Jez Humble and said, ‘Read these and figure out this DevOps thing.’ And he hasn’t stopped learning since.

David has been a member of the DevOpsDays Ohio organizing committee since it’s inception. He’s also Co-Organizer of the DevOps Columbus Meetup.


John Lusk


Kyle Jenkins



Kyle Jenkins is a full stack developer and consultant with Improving, a software development consulting and training company in Columbus, Ohio. He assists with organizing the DevOpsDays Columbus conference. While working directly with clients to accomplish projects, he always strives to improve the quality of code and life for the team. In his spare time, you may find him at a variety of user groups around town, or online playing video games with friends.


Michael Swartzbaugh


Renee Weldy


Renee’s been working in some part or another of IT for 27 years now. She’s been a technical writer, a software instructor, a web application developer, a Remedy administrator, a business/system analyst, and a project manager – not necessarily in that order. She’s fairly new to DevOps, but attending the 2016 DevOpsDays Ohio conference showed her that this is a culture she definitely wants to help promote and grow!


Sherry Stebens


Warner Moore


Warner Moore is a driven technology leader and architect with a background in web operations and information security. He has focused his career in working with high growth organizations where technology is their business and product. Within these organizations, Warner has an accomplished record of building successful security programs and high performing technology teams.

As an international speaker, Warner has been invited to present to university students, technology professionals, and business leaders in a classroom setting as well as at conferences such as Startup Week, CloudDevelop, Path to Agility, InfoSec Summit, CodeMash, Security BSides, and DevOpsDays.

Warner is passionate about culture, innovation, and community. His passion reflects in his volunteer work leading organizations such as Ohio LinuxFest, LOPSA, DevOpsDays, and Toastmasters.



  • Dan Greenleaf
  • Dan Sajner
  • Faye Thompson
  • Mark Goodmanson
  • Matt Stratton
  • Michael Ducy
  • Rob Kinyon

The core devopsdays organizer group

Bridget Kromhout (lead), Kris Buytaert, Serhat Can, Jennifer Davis, Bernd Erk, Rafael Gomes, Nathen Harvey, Matthew Jones, Dan Maher, Ken Mugrage, Mike Rosado, Andrew Clay Shafer, Matt Stratton (web team lead), John Willis

Patrick Debois (founder), Damon Edwards, Anthony Goddard, Lindsay Holmwood, Gildas Le Nadan, Stephen Nelson-Smith, Julian Simpson, Christian Trabold, John Vincent, James Wickett