Nationwide's DevOps Journey to Accelerated Delivery

Using “The DevOps Handbook” as a guide, Nationwide is transforming its enterprise delivery strategy. The goal is to maintain high quality while gaining efficiency and speed. Nationwide is starting small by running experiments with two of the two hundred development lines. These experiments focus on the specific timeframe of when a story enters the backlog up until it is deployed. This session will cover the various practices, culture changes and technologies that Nationwide is evaluating. This session will not be an overview of DevOps, but a collective examination of the actions that Nationwide is taking. This discussion will explain why some experiments have been successful as well as why some experiments have not. The benefits Nationwide gained from experimentation and the challenges that Nationwide still faces will also be covered.



Preston Waller

Preston Waller is a software developer that works for Nationwide. His current focus is on incorporating DevOps principals and practices throughout the company.