Adopt a painless continuous delivery culture, add more business value

A continuous delivery of new features definitely adds value to the business, it should be effortless to the tech team too. 5 years back our sys-admin team was in Istanbul and the dev team was in Dubai. Even then changes were shipped periodically but the process was cumbersome. A stable delivery pipeline with tests, continuous integration and small atomic deployments with github flow gives us a leading-edge. The culture of logging and monitoring ingrained in our team helps us move fast. Now, we ask a chatbot to deploy our microservices several times a day to production. In this session, I will unveil details on how you can get started with a smooth continuous delivery pipeline one step at a time.



Geshan Manandhar

Geshan is a seasoned software engineer, with more than 8 years of software development experience. Currently in Dubai, UAE serving Namshi as Quality and Maintenance Lead. He has a keen interest on ...