DevOps and Groupthink: An Oxymoron?

DevOps teams bring together specialists from different disciplines with sometimes conflicting views on what is most important. This might form the basis for preventing groupthink; however, all closely-knit teams are susceptible to groupthink, a cultural attitude that implicitly rewards members whose striving for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action. For example, DevOps team members from different functional specialties may often defer to the expert in a particular realm to solve individual problems. Teams also recognize that they have to solve issues quickly and decisively, and may defer to the team member with the most authoritative voice. This presentation examines the development of groupthink within devops teams. It draws upon the research of Irving Janus, Daniel Kaheman and Carol Dweck to look at how biases and mindsets contribute to groupthink, and why groupthink invariably leads to poor decision-making.



Gerie Owen

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