Rolling Deployments without Stopping and Dropping

This talk will focus on how to achieve zero downtime deploys using Kubernetes. Sheela will talk about what Docker and Kubernetes are, and how they make code deployment easier. She will brief on basic concepts of Kubernetes (Pods, Services and Deployment), and why these are important. This presentation will also demo a way to deploy a simple application with Kubernetes and also give a run through on how to perform a rolling update without any downtime. She will also touch on how their traditional deploy processes worked, and how moving to Kubernetes has helped them deploy applications faster. If there is enough time, there might even be another demo!



Sheela Nistala

Sheela Nistala is currently a Sr. Operations Engineer at 2U, Inc in New York City. Prior to this, she worked as a Systems Engineer at Reliant Solutions. She obtained her Masters degree in ...