Those Hard to DevOps Systems

So you are at your first DevOps Days (or second or third) and you are discussing all sorts of very cool things with all sorts of awesome people. These things that could make your life better if you would just embrace the DevOps Culture, Automate your development (and all of the things), get Lean, and then Measure what you make. However, you are working with something that was just not made with DevOps as a primary concern. You have a closed box, third party system that you have limited control over. How can you bring the Kool-Aid to your working world?

Don’t panic. There may be hope. There are strategies that can help you automate. Using an example of an Oracle ePBCS SaaS implementation project, this ignite will look at some of these strategies and how a team followed them. Strategies like -

  • Understanding the artifacts and what change means
  • Finding an API… any API
  • Starting With Source Control

Getting that far was awesome! But the journey is far from over. Where does the team go from here? What other DevOps strategies can the team employ to make their delivery even better?



Jeremy Garner-Howe

Jeremy Garner-Howe is a Senior Consultant for Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps at ObjectSharp. Over the years, he has worked as a Developer, Manager, and Consultant. He has a background in ...