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Call for proposals opens Thursday, Dec 1, 2016.
Call for proposals closes Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017.
Selected proposals will be announced on Saturday, Feb 11, 2017.

Propose a Talk!

Deadline: February 1, 2017


  1. Submit a proposal here:
  2. Get a notification whether your proposal was accepted. Accepted speakers will be notified shortly after the deadline.

Proposal Checklist

  • Title
  • Speaker name (optionally, company/position)
  • Abstract
  • Talk type (Ignite (5 min) or regular (30 min))
  • Twitter handle (or public means of contact)
  • Email (won’t be published, unless specified by you)
  • Phone number (won’t be published)
  • Bio (max 200 words, we reserve the right to shorten it for publishing/layout reasons)


Does DevOpsDays Vancouver have a code of conduct?

Yes! It’s here. If you have a problem related to a breach of the code of conduct, text or speak with any DevOpsDays volunteers to ask about this.

But my topic seems too basic!

We can’t seem to emphasize this enough: DevOpsDays is a conference for everyone involved in operations and devops - that means experts, but also it means people new to these methodologies and ideas. The selection committee will make sure there’s a good balance as long as people like you submit good talks of all levels.

I have a rough idea, but I need a sounding board.

We’re all about community. Talk to some of your coworkers about it, or maybe drop in the #vandevops channel on freenode to see what some other Vancouver-area operations people think about your ideas.

What’s your selection process?

Our selection process involves two criteria:

  1. A talk that contributes to improvement and breadth in the Vancouver DevOps community.
  2. A high quality talk that’s educational and engaging to uninitiated, beginner, intermediate and/or advanced practitioners.

Does my talk fit?

The majority of our audience are people engaged in technical operations roles. They may be a dedicated operations person, a business person heavily engaged with the ops team, or developers that work closely with the ops team or who have one foot in operations themselves. Within the context of operations, subjects could include:

  • architecture and design
  • deployment
  • testing
  • configuration and orchestration
  • monitoring
  • business value
  • risk assessment
  • reliability
  • automation
  • staffing

We’ve tried to make this comprehensive, if you feel your talk fits or does, we’re probably wrong

What does a proposal look like?

Ignite Talk (5 minutes)

Title:* Data Sanitization*

Speaker name:* Bobbi Tables*

Abstract:* In our highly-connected world with several different identities, usernames, shared-accounts, how do we properly write APIs that allow don’t corrupt one another? This presentation will be a quick look at tips and tricks for protecting your own services from other supposedly “trusted” services.*

Twitter handle:* @bobbi_tables*


Bio:* [picture] Bobbi Tables is DBA completing her first year in the industry. She enjoys hiking, cooking, and breaking your tweetz.*

Presentation (30 minutes)

Title:* Implementing DevOps: Lessons learned*

Speaker name:* Collin Murray*

Abstract:* Bunnyware as a company has grown on many axes; teams, staff, services, and infrastructure. Made relatively early attempts to embrace DevOps - established a DevOps team in early 2011 (disbanding it a year later), have 100+ internal puppet modules with Continuous Deployment to production yet we still struggle to articulate DevOps within the company and bridge the Dev vs Ops divide, especially when everyone is busy and has some service to ship. This talk covers a history of “DevOps” at Bunnyware covering what worked and more importantly what didn’t, and with the benefit of hindsight suggests some possible real world approaches for rolling out DevOps in your organisation.*

Twitter handle:* @dops*


Bio:* [picture] Collin Murray is a Principal Systems Engineer at Bigco, with over ten years experience at scaling systems.*

I have another question… ?

Contact the organisers at