Mind the Gap: Put Ops in DevOps

The promises of DevOps are clear - speed delivery of services and applications make dev and ops teams more responsive and drive experiences that your customers value. However, too often the full potential is not realized because DevOps teams are focused much more on “dev” and not nearly enough on “ops”. Do you have CD pipelines pushing code to dev environments only, and have separate processes for production deployment? Too often, DevOps is implemented only halfway, focused on improving the upstream communication between dev teams and their business counterparts but then failing to adequately loop in the downstream testing and operations teams. In this talk, Matt Buchner of Flux7 shares lessons learned from working with hundreds of companies to not only deploy code but also infrastructure and configuration as code and lay out detailed next steps for closing the gap between dev and ops within your DevOps journey.


Matthias Bucher

Matt Buchner is a DevOps Solution Architect at Flux7, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and DevOps-focused IT consultancy based in Austin, Texas that provides architecture and migration solutions to ...