Centralizing Kubernetes and Container Operations

Containers and Kubernetes are becoming the de-facto standard for software distribution, management, and operations. But deploying and managing Kubernetes requires significant in-house time and expertise.

For those considering embarking on a containerization and Kubernetes strategy, I will outline important considerations such as the benefits of a centralized Kubernetes operations layer based on open-source components giving IT teams more control and understanding. I’ll also dive into the unique challenges to consider in any Kubernetes deployment, such as the need for centralized monitoring, identity and access management, backup and disaster recovery, infrastructure management, security, and reliable cluster self-coordination and self-healing.

Attendees will leave with an understanding of how to ensure successful container and Kubernetes “Day 2” operations.



Oleg Chunikhin

Oleg Chunikhin, CTO at Kublr and Chief Software Architect as EastBanc Technologies, has nearly 20 years of software architecture and development experience. Oleg has championed the standardization of ...