Find Z Commit! (Ignite)

There are many ways to measure the quality of a software product, but the first and foremost important factor is how the customers experience it. With both agile software development models & DevOps practices dominating the market, customers are more likely to keep up with the latest and greatest software versions from their vendors.

However, what would happen if this continuous upgrade process breaks (or better improves!) something at the customer side?

How would you link that back to a specific code change in your software?

Although agile development helped a lot to reduce the gap between the factory and the field, customers still hesitate to share their tests with the vendors, so that they can be regressed in-house. Vendors, on the other hand, would likely be as much hesitant to share their codebase changes with customers.

In this talk, we present a system architected and implemented by our DevOps team to link between customer experience changes and software code commits.

This system would help vendors: promote & reward good coding practices, prevent & highlight bad ones, and deliver high quality software to ensure a better customer experience. Customers would be helping vendors in detecting problems & improvements in their software without the bother of having to share anything of their in-firm working environment.



Mina Fahmy

Mina M. Fahmy is a DevOps Engineer from Mentor, A Siemens Business.

He graduated from “Computer and Systems Engineering” Department, Ain Shams University in 2012 and started his career at Mentor