DevOps and the Future of Information Security

DevOps is making organizations more efficient by breaking down barriers between software development and IT operations teams, but this new way of working also creates potential for new security risks and vulnerabilities.

To complicate things, DevOps is still misunderstood by many and information security isn’t always considered upfront. Furthermore, the ROI for ‘data bandits’ is ever increasing as people are becoming increasingly dependent on information technology at scale.

So how do we conserve efficiencies gained by doing DevOps while securing process and technology, and supporting a security conscious culture? It’s a tough question to answer… but in this talk Darin Morris will delve into ways to begin to efficiently turn DevOps into DevSecOps.



Darin Morris

Darin has worked full time in the software development space since 2006 and his experience is fairly broad and unique. Over the years he has been a founder, manager, team lead and (full stack)