DevOps in Action: How Nedbank went from quarterly to weekly releases in no time!

A couple of months ago Nedbank started a new initiative called nWoW (new Ways of Working). Taking inspiration from the Spotify model we created a number of squads (product teams) responsible for landing new features on the Nedbank Money App platform. Both the GT DevOps toolchain and DFL DevOps teams joined forces to create an enterprise grade CI/CD pipeline by injecting DevOps engineers into the squads and automating the deployment pipeline. To date we’ve done over 600 deployments (per squad) and we just introduced weekly production releases! We’ve started to shift-left our performance testing, putting a bigger emphasis on TDD and finding defects earlier in the lifecycle. In a nutshell our quality has improved dramatically.

Come and listen to our story, the lessons we’ve learned and the journey we took over the last 3 months. We continue to optimize our delivery value chain, but we’re on a new trajectory and the future is exciting!




Jaco Greyling


Jaco Greyling has been building complex enterprise solutions for over two decades.

He joined UBS Investment Bank in 2000 where he helped to build the first e-commerce web infrastructure for UBS in