Don’t forget about process feedback loops

Build, Measure, Learn. The scientific method. We instrument the solutions we build to get quantitative feedback on how they are used. We listen to feedback from users and we interview them to get qualitative feedback. We monitor the CPU and RAM usage of our systems, set up logging and alerts the get feedback on how our production servers are doing. Lots of feedback loops are well described and very effective.

However, to do effective DevOps, to self organize our teams intelligently and to continually improve our software development processes, we need just as effective feedback loops on how we actually do our work. What does it feel like to be a developer in our org and how can we improve that?

I’ll be talking about simple stuff like stand-ups, regular 1-on-1s with your manager and retrospectives. It’s not rocket surgery, maybe even banal, but in my experience these simple ceremonies can shape culture and be instrumental to succeeding with continued improvements that bring about real change in the way we work and how we do DevOps.

Slides from Allan's talk:

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Allan Ebdrup


Allan is CTO at Practio

Allan Ebdrup studied Computer Science at universities in Århus and København. He has worked 20 years in IT as self-employed, developer, IT-architect, enterprise-architect,