Managing Cloud Infrastructure at Scale


Would like to describe the transformation process GE Digital has been going through with maintaining Cloud Infrastructure from point and manual click to source controlled to peer-reviewed infrastructure as code.

Describe some of the challenges faced during this transformation:

  1. Culture
  2. Git good with Git.
  3. Keep it simple stupid. (Start Small).

We started with standardizing our IAM resources across our 100+ Cloud Provider Accounts. Leverage terraform modules that get deployed to all 100+ accounts.

Describe the use of our CI Jenkins pipeline for creating custom Cloud AMI images and the benefits of custom AMI images + terraform provisioning. Why this is a game changer at Predix.IO for scaling out instances for any cloud provider.




Ivan Fan

  • Senior Software Engineer at GE Digital working on a platform for industrial internet of things.
  • Born and Raised in DFW and completed his BS in Computer Engineering from UT Arlington.