Battle Tested K8S: a practical how-to and the untold pitfalls of running Kubernetes in production

While Kubernetes is becoming a de-facto standard and is quickly changing the way we consume our infrastructure and the way we deploy/develop our applications, it's also introducing a number of challenges engineering teams will likely have to solve while migrating their services or managing their own clusters.

This talk is going to provide a practical first-hand view on the pitfalls and challenges we had to face running our own production clusters in the last two years. We will focus on both cluster architectural and lifecycle-related topics like HA, cluster updates, networking and storage, as well application-related topics like security, probing and rolling updates/deployments.



Jacopo Nardiello

Jacopo is the founder of SIGHUP, an elite team working on Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies working with world-leading organizations. He has been fully devoting his professional life to ...