From Terraform to Kubernetes: Creating and Sharing Secrets

Nowadays, almost everyone uses tools like Terraform to automate the creation of their infrastructure. This includes servers, databases and other external cloud services. With the rise of Kubernetes, developers have to think less and less about their infrastructure. The question remains now: how do they access the credentials to connect to the rest of the infrastructure? In this talk we’ll look at how we at Manifold use Manifold to create our infrastructure using Terraform and connect this with Kubernetes using Custom Resource Definitions. By doing so, we’re able to manage our resources through Terraform and share their credentials with our Kubernetes cluster.



Jelmer Snoeck

Jelmer is a Product Engineer at Manifold. In his career, Jelmer has worked worked at startups like Boomf and Wonderbly focussing on reliability and scalability of their applications. Whilst mainly ...