Why are Distributed Systems so hard? A network partition survival guide

Distributed systems are known for being notoriously difficult to wrangle. But why? This talk will cover a brief history of distributed databases, clear up some common myths about the CAP theorem, dig into why network partitions are inevitable, and close out by highlighting how a few popular open source projects manage the uncertainty created during a partition event. Almost all slides will contain original illustration featuring mischievous cats masquerading as sysadmins. By the end of this talk you will have a better understanding about the design trade-offs involved in architecting for distributed systems, and hopefully be inspired to pick up sketchnoting!



Denise Yu

Denise works at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, packaging open-source data projects such as RabbitMQ and Redis in wrappers (aka BOSH releases) so Cloud Foundry app developers can use them as backing data ...