Implementing DevOps in an International multi-cultural and multi-geography environment

This is the talk to attend if you want to understand the hurdles of implementing DevOps/Agile in a multi-cultural and multi- geography environment. We will cover silos, trust, tooling and many aspects of team communications that successfully enable DevOps. We will also talk about a few failures.

Implementing DevOps in a company culture is a human and technical challenge that requires outstanding leadership and trust at all levels of an organisation. The difficulty is even greater when starting with teams working in silos in various regions of the world. This paper will review the human and technical journey of a DevOps transformation still in progress with is successes and failures but with extraordinary learnings.


Jesse Hurkens

Jesse Hurkens is the AVP of Mobility service engineering & software development at Tata Communications. He has a genuine passion for technologies and innovation led to various roles and