Reinventing DevOps Practices for Blockchain Apps

With the arrival of distributed applications that run on Blockchain, it is essential to rethink some of the basic aspects of DevOps. Few things that we take for granted in DevOps area are either irrelevant, impossible or too costly for blockchain applications. This session aims to explore the changes that the blockchain apps bring to the DevOps arena, using a hands-on demo of a sample blockchain apps.

  • Introduction
  • Blockchain - A layman's explanation
  • How blockchain apps are different from traditional apps?
  • Demo of Different tools
  • Hands-on demo on “DevOps for Blockchain apps” (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Monitoring with focus on TDD, BDD, etc.)
  • Summary
  • Q & A



Vivek Ganesan

Vivek Ganesan is the author of the book Blameless Continuous Integration and a secret ‘super hero’ at SolutionsIQ (now a part of Accenture). He helps organizations, teams and individuals ...