Break Things to Fix Things: Testing more than what should work

Let’s change the quality assurance mindset. Application testing plays a critical role in the application development process, what good is a product that doesn’t work? Though, how should we test? What should we test? and when should quality assurance play a role in the process?

In an ideal world users would use applications we build in specific predefined ways allowing us to build for the happiest of happy path scenarios. Though in reality, that doesn’t always happen. This talk will dive deep into how testing your application in unexpected ways at different points of the development process can allow you to discover bugs and hidden vulnerabilities and will conclude with a live demo inviting members from the audience to try and test some applications in the wild. It will be exciting, it will be daring, and most importantly it will highlight the true joys of quality engineering.



Ijeoma Ezeonyebuchi

Ijeoma currently works as a Mobile Quality Assurance Engineer at NPR validating mobile applications and the backend services that power them. Outside of work you can often find her mentoring women in ...