devopsdays Riga - Event Location

This year, DevOpsDaysRiga will be located at Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara, Krogus iela 1 Riga LV-1048 Riga Latvia.


Hotel offers some free parking options near it's premises, however, these places are on first come, first serve basis, and are rather few, so it is a good idea to look for other options.

If you don't mind paying a few euros, it is possible to park your car within RISEBA/RTU parkin lot on Meža street 1a, check Google Maps. Alternatively, you can also park your car in of the streets near Meža street for free.


It is possible to reserve a room in the Park Inn by Radisson Riga Valdemara. City center is a few kilometers away from the hotel, however, there are other (cheaper) options nearby as well, for example, Bellevue Park Hotel.


We recommend using the BalticTaxi cab company (Green taxis), who are this years official transport partners for DevOpsDays Riga.

For the days of the event, you can get 10% off, if you mention the password DevOpsDays. This offer is valid only if you book a taxi in advance by calling +371 20008500

Other trusted taxi providers are Taxify (via app) and RedCab

WARNING: Always check the prices of the cab, that are displayed on the passengers door. This does not apply to Baltic Taxi (or, for example, Taxify), however, a lot of third-party taxi providers may wish to charge double or triple the cost if you wish to get a taxi from Riga airport.

How to get to DevOpsDays Riga conference venue

There are multitude of ways, how you can get to the venue. The most safest/and or easiest, would be to use the taxi. We don't have Uber in Riga, however, we have the next best thing - Taxify, an application that lets you order taxis from anywhere to anywhere. Alternatively, from airport you can use also Baltic Taxi taxis, and, if you give them the secret code "DevOpsDays Riga", you'll also get 10% off from your bill.

How to get to the venue by public transport from the Riga airport

You can easily take the public transport to get to the venue. From the Riga international airport, bus no. 22 "Abrenes iela" will get you almost directly to the hotel. You can buy your ticket in advance in either an e-ticket machine, that is located in public transport stop, or in virtually any "Narvesen" kiosk. Once ticket costs 1,15 EUR. Before you go, check out directions in Google Maps.

1. Buy ticket

You can buy a ticket using either cash or debit/credit cards via the help of such machines that are located in various public transport stops.

2. Find the bus no. 22

Find the bus no. 22 "Abrenes iela" - once you get out of the airport, go straight trough the parking lot, and you should see the white/blue buses (or at least the bus stop)

3. Don't forget to scan your ticket

Remember to scan/validate your ticket. Failure to do so may result in penalty of up to 30 EUR.

"Oh no, I forgot to buy a ticket"

Don't worry! If you accidentally forget to buy your ticket, you can also buy it directly from the bus driver, but you will need to have cash, and for your forgetfulness, you will need to pay 2 EUR, instead of 1,15 EUR, what you'd normally pay.

Just remember that if you "accidentally" forget to buy a ticket and try to ride for free, you can incur a penalty of up to 30 EUR

Prepare 2 EUR

Buy ticket in the bus

Keep the receipt

4. Watch for "Slokas iela"

In the monitors, watch for stop "Slokas iela"- that is the one you'll need to get off at.

5. Exit at "Slokas iela"

Exit at Slokas street and continue walking straight, cross the road and turn left.

6. Walk to hotel

You should see the hotel. Congrats, you are almost there.

How to get to the venue by public transport from the Riga center

There are a lot of options how you can get to venue from the city center. Check out Google Maps, and try to find the route best suited to your current location. Our recommendation would probably be to use the 1st or the 5th tram and get off at Kalnciema street, but there are other options available as well, for example, 9th trolleybus.

What to do and where to eat in Riga

For this, we actually have a seperate page - you check out all the activities and places that DevOpsDays Riga organizers are recommending here in the Activities page