Terraform best practices with examples and arguments

This workshop is for the developers who want to learn best practices in using Terraform at companies and projects of various size (from small to very large), get pros&cons on code structuring, composition. "It is easy to get started with Terraform to manage infrastructure as code. Just read the documentation on terraform.io, and you are done. Almost. In this workshop, I will explain many of challenges related to what works, what doesn't work, why so. And most importantly - I will show all the code which works from small projects to very-large infrastructures (featuring multi-cloud and multi-region setup)," promises Anton Babenko. He is a long time developer, CTO, and tech-lead who since 2015 has authored and maintained several open-source projects related to AWS & Terraform modules (https://github.com/antonbabenko).



Anton Babenko


Developer, CTO, and tech-lead

Anton Babenko is a long time developer, CTO, and tech-lead who is spending a large amount of his time as an open-source contributor to various Terraform & AWS projects,