Enterprise transformation (and you can too)

“That would never work here.” You’ve likely heard this sentiment echo from your company’s conference rooms or board rooms (or maybe you’ve said it yourself). There are always reasons: established processes (with vested interests supporting them), legacy codebases and data centers (both with large install footprints), and scale (for some values of scale), to name just a few.

Good news: change is possible. Donovan Brown walks you through a case study from Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). VSTS went from a three-year waterfall delivery cycle to three-week iterations and open sourced the VSTS task library and the Git Virtual File System (GVFS). To make these changes, the team had to question its tool choices, change its processes, and empower its people. You’ll learn why integration of cross-functional teams is key to the continuous delivery of value to end users.



Donovan Brown

Meet The Man in the Black Shirt. Donovan Brown is a Principal DevOps Program Manager on Microsoft’s US Developer Division team. Why is DevOps one of the hottest topics? Because it hurts the ...