DevOps in a Serverless World

It is clear that Serverless is redefining DevOps. But, Serverless is not a silver bullet nor NoOps. Serverless removes some of the complexity but it brings whole different kind of challenges. While challenges are changing, DevOps is not going anywhere anytime soon!

The goal of this lightning talk is to make people realize that abstracting some of the complexity does not mean #NoOps. Starting with what Serverless is and is not, I will explain in which steps we need DevOps to the ultimate goal of running successful serverless applications on production. The steps like testing, deploying, monitoring is not going anywhere. Some of the steps become a lot more difficult in Serverless environments. The need for observability is still one of the most important things if you are running in production. Hence, you need proper logging, distributed tracing, monitoring, and alerting. Also, security is still a top concern while new challenges like cold starts adding extra complexity to Serverless environments.



Serhat Can

I am a Technical Evangelist at OpsGenie. We ensure Dev&Ops teams, the right people, are notified via reliable alerts. I have worked with nearly every team in OpsGenie including Integrations, ...