Advanced Kubernetes Production Debugging

Debug broken Kubernetes clusters and application failures. Compete to resolve the production outage first! This entertaining and frenetic workshop is designed to provide the kind of experience engineers only get when production goes down. Previous experience with Kubernetes is required.

In this workshop you will be presented with various broken Kubernetes cluster scenarios as well as application failure scenarios. You will be split into teams of varying levels of experience and compete over who can resolve the production outage first.

Emphasis is on collaboration and communication, which are key to getting through any outage as a team. Previous experience with Kubernetes is required.

This workshop can be dynamically customised to attendee skills, includes presentations on Kubernetes debugging, hardening, and maintenance, and is entirely hosted. Attendees should bring a laptop and a willingness to participate.



Andrew Martin

Andrew is a co-founder at Control Plane and DevOps Lead at the UK Home Office, with a strong test-first engineering background gained developing and deploying high volume web applications. Proficient ...