Design Thinking

KPN ICT Consulting uses Design Thinking as a development tool. Design Thinking is a way of working with a strong focus on realizing a design that is feasible and useful. During this workshop the starting point is a DevOps team that develops a sleep analyzing application. We are going to find out how design thinking can help developers get more insight out of user feedback and reduce the amount of times they go through the loop. With the help of some specific tools we like to introduce the participants to design thinking.

No dedicated knowledge needed. Only some experience in DevOps.



Emile van Haaren

Emile van Haaren, Design Consultant at KPN ICT Consulting, helps teams and clients find their goals and challenges through design thinking. As a scrum master he is interested in building teams in an ...susanne-meerdink

Susanne Meerdink

Susanne Meerdink is a consultant at KPN ICT Consulting. She is experienced in the area of IT operations, strategy and innovation. She likes to focus on the human-centered approach to innovation in ...