Abstracting away Kubernetes with Storyscript

In this workshop, we’ll try out a fresh microservice choreography platform (open source and part of the CNCF), which sits on top of Kubernetes, and can create clusters, micro scale containers automatically. This is all done via Storyscript, a language for describing how data moves across services.

Think containers as being first class entities of the language, whose output can be interacted with as variables.

A quick example of Storyscript used to build a weather bot for Slack:

slack bot as bot when bot hears pattern: “/weather/” as message location = corenlp location text: message.text fc = accuweather forecast location: location slack reply thread_ts: message.thread_ts text: fc

The story above starts three containers from the Docker Hub (slack, corenlp, accuweather), and manages the movement of data between them.



Jude Pereira


I have been developing and building web scale apps for the most of my life, from writing SDKs for Android and iOS which are delivered to millions of people across the globe, to overseeing the