Kiwi Ingenuity - Kiwi’s can Overcome Tough Problems In DevOps

Kiwi Organisations face specific challenges when adopting DevOps enabled New Ways of Working. In this plenary talk, we will review some of the common problems we are encountering adopting DevOps practices across several large Kiwi Organisations. We will discuss what these problems are, how they affect the DevOps culture and transformation, and provide some suggestions for how both leaders and team members can work to overcome them.


  • Comparing and Contrasting Culture in the United States vs New Zealand
  • Kiwi Scale
  • Teaching an Old Kiwi New Tricks
  • Competitive Forces and Monetising Kiwi Toil
  • Kiwi DevOps Models



Allen Geer


Allen is skilled in the areas of continuous integration, continuous delivery, cloud infrastructure, test automation and platforms. He uses his deep experience in the field to help clients deliver


Michael Harrod


Michael has worked in the New Zealand IT sector for over two decades, generally on small teams solving big problems. This has involved wearing many hats in addition to “software