What are Kubernetes Operators and Why do I care

Automation and collaboration are key elements to successful DevOps. Cultural change being the most important tool in your toolkit, but we all know that technology that supports teams to work collaboratively and to automate everything support the cultural change and the ways of working necessary for successful DevOps.

We already have CI/CD tooling and container technology so what’s next? Have you heard about Kubernetes operators? You may have heard people mentioning them, you may have heard people talk about how significant they will be in the next wave of growth in container workload management - but why and what does that mean for DevOps - just another flash in the pan or are these operator thingys really going to change the landscape and excel us into productive, collaborative teams that delivery value more readily and more easily for our business and customers.

In my ignite talk I’ll attempt to demystify these operators and share why DevOps teams should care.



Mandi Buswell

Mandi is a senior solutions architect with Red Hat New Zealand with over 24 years of software development experience and is a subject matter expert with Red Hat on all things containers and