Workshop: Recipes to embed security in your testing methodology

Security is becoming an increasingly important concern during the lifecycle of developing application especially for those using the concept of fast (and furious) continuous delivery, and frequent release cycle. In this training, participants will learn who to easily configure/map security tools to their existing DevOps toolchain, and how to automate this process using cloud-infrastructure automation tools. The aim is to introduce security controls at the early stage of software development (controls while the developer is coding in his own machine), and before pushing code to the mutualized code repo (version control tool), and finally before (and after) deploying code to the production environment. The workshop provide also technical demo on how to make sure that initial fixed security requirements are always respected by the production environment through “continuous security monitoring”.


Abdessamad Temmar

Abdessamad Temmart is an information security consultant, he worked through a variety of sources to provide security professional services to clients. Abdessamad is also a member of the OWASP ...