Leading without authority - Increase your impact from within the team

Healthy collaboration and engagement are one of the number one success factors of modern projects. But such team behaviour doesn’t necessarily comes out of nowhere - it requires conscious effort from people, who want to take ownership and drive the projects’ success. Leading without Authority is a style, that supports such behaviour and doesn’t require formal authority. It’s an effective and helpful approach for people that want to increase their impact or leaders that seek to create a healthy and high-performing team. In this talk, I’ll share the three steps how to: 1. identify how everyone can contribute and take up leadership responsiblity in accordance to what the team needs and their personal profile 2. how to influence and lead from within a team and 3. How to reiterate and adjust your strategy.


Daniel Löffelholz

I’m a developer, consultant and tech lead trainer, working for ThoughtWorks. My professional passions are larger distributed architectures and technical leadership, with the goal of creating healthy ...