Less Ops with Serverless? But how less?

For the first years of the serverless era, shift to serverless was misunderstood as getting rid of operational concerns because the vendor takes care of scalability of the application. It certainly adds efficiency to software teams and reduces the need for ops people who are dedicated to keep the systems up and running. However, it doesn’t directly mean firing ops people and hiring more serverless developers instead. Ops people have their chance of being indispensable to their team by adopting their ops characteristics to the serverless world. Gaining the ability to deploy, monitor and secure serverless applications will completely diminish the barrier between product teams and ops folks.

Join us to learn: * Short and long term impacts of serverless adoptions in companies of different sizes * How to align a team to deliver/maintain/improve a product and what is the role of less-ops here * How serverless makes ops more included * The playbook for being an ops person that a serverless team will need


Emrah Samdan

Emrah Şamdan is the VP of Products at Thundra, a tool to provide serverless observability for AWS Lambda environments. With the development team, Emrah is obsessed with helping the serverless ...