Please stop hiring DevOps Engineers!

Is your company hiring DevOps Engineers? If so, this talk is for you, please read on!

By forming dedicated “DevOps Teams”, management is trying to create an illusion that their company is being DevOps-enabled and modern. But, this approach is so wrong and it doesn’t bring us anywhere closer to what DevOps practices are preaching. Moreover, this creates new silos - totally opposed to what we should be doing! Instead, we need to roll up our sleeves and start focusing on making a cultural shift, so that our every engineer truly understands the benefits of DevOps. This talk aims to give you some ideas on how to tackle the problem and get things moving the right way.


Stevan Cvetkovic

Stevan has 8 years of experience establishing DevOps principles at some of the worlds’ largest companies in software, telecommunication, and transport industry, all in order to incorporate them into ...