Built With ❤️ - Why Developer Experience Matters

One evening you’re browsing Twitter and you stumble on a really cool new Open Source tool. The README is intuitive, the installation is seamless and you’re up and running in no time. When using the tool, error messages are clear and how to fix the issues obvious. Before you know it, you’ve achieved what you wanted and you feel like a superstar! But the experience is very different the next day at work. You just spent a couple weeks fiddling to get a project running locally but now you have to jump through hoops to get the application built and deployed with that dreadful internal tool. Why can’t our day time experiences look like our weekend passion projects? It can!

In this session you’ll be introduced to the concept of Developer Experience and why it matters. You’ll then embark on a journey to build a new tool with Developer Experience as a core focus. You’ll learn how certain targeted approaches can improve the Developer Experience through the entire Experience Lifecycle. At the end of the talk you will be equipped with ways to improve the Developer Experience in your work; whether you’re building tools for developers, collaborating with other developers on a business project, or just building a side project one your own.



Arthur Maltson

Arthur Maltson is a Lead Software Developer at Capital One who’s 70% Dev and 30% Ops. He’s currently practicing DevOps during the day and, as a husband and father he’s also doing DadOps at night. ...