FOMO? Take Control of Your Career and Life!

Our industry has been exploding! This has been amazing for growth and financial advancement of the industry, but comes with a huge negative cost to the workforce.

IME the technical workforce has been the most negatively impacted by this great expansion. When business demands (constantly) exceed capacity, strong leadership must be present to prioritize initiatives to mitigate downstream impacts. Unfortunately, important services for the workforce tend to be the first to go, widening the gap for developing future leaders and technical SME.

Currently, our technological advancement is outpacing our ability to develop the current technical workforce, creating more constraints and disparity among the engineering communities. How can we help to solve this critical issue and maintain the control over our own development and career advancement?

We must EMPOWER every engineer with the information and knowledge to create, implement and execute their own PDP.

This is why I want to drive home the message that everyone is responsible for THEIR own professional development.

My talk will cover:

• What is a professional development plan (PDP)? • When do you need a PDP? • How do you start a PDP? • Why is a PDP so important? • Who needs to be involved?

Professional planning is a journey. The more individuals learn, the more aware they become of what is valuable to them. This is why it is extremely important to emphasize the value that comes from going through the process.

Setting up a PDP Framework:

• Continuing Education • Skills Training • EQ • Professional Networking



Dave Fredricks


I am passionate about growing and developing people. I support my clients in solving complex technical problems by providing leaders, process and solutions. I believe real partnerships are built on