You're not ready for chaotic engineering

It’s important to recognize not everyone can take on chaotic engineering, there are multiple factors that we have to take into consideration. production is extremely complex and we don’t always know how to untangle it. This talk will walk you through getting to a steady state, it will show attendees how to process map and prioritize systems issues as a team and then develop them into stand alone projects to get your environment to a steady state that can properly handle chaotic engineering. The talk focuses on what I term as pre- chaotic engineering and a larger focus on resilience engineering, building resilient systems that can withstand more experiments. it also walks through containment and blast radius, the importance of post mortars and incident reviews. It states that chaotic engineering is not cowboy engineering and you determine the risk you can handle the better you untangle your environment



Suzan Mahboob

Lead Programs and Integrations Engineer at TD Bank Cloud Engineering