Are you including the fastest growing minority in your devOps? Influence accessibility outcomes, no matter your role

One billion people worldwide have a disability and experts predict that this number will grow at an accelerated rate. What type of experience does this population have when trying to use an inaccessible website, either at work or while booking travel or shopping online? A frustrating one. At this live demonstration, get the user’s perspective and see how screen reader assistive technology processes data that isn’t accessible and learn:

  1. How to incorporate digital accessibility into each stage of design and development across all job functions (including Marketing, Purchasing, Recruitment, Designers, Content Authors, Developers, Acceptance Testing, and Quality Assurance).
  2. Why it’s critical to consider accessibility from the outset to avoid costly “bolted on” fixes.
  3. How to create the most inclusive experience for everyone, including those with cognitive, mobility or sensory impairments.



Taylor Anne Snook

Snook possesses deep expertise in content management systems, user-centered design and various programming languages. She began her work at Perkins developing systems that would support hundreds of ...joann-becker

JoAnn Becker

Being blind herself, Becker has over 20 years of experience in the fields of assistive technology and devices, including training hundreds of students, teachers and adults. She is a certified teacher ...