John Esser

John is CEO and President of Veracity Solutions, a tech strategy consulting firm specializing in helping IT organizations realize their strategic value within their business. Previously the Sr. Director of IT and Data Center Operations at AdvancedMD and the Director of Cloud Architecture/DevOps at John has spoken at numerous industry events on topics related to DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Agile Development, and Testing, including five previous DevOps Days events. He co-founded, with Jez Humble, Gene Kim, and Elizabeth Hendrickson, “FlowCon”, one of the earliest conferences referencing DevOps. He was featured in the 2013 PwC Technology Forecast article “DevOps: Solving the engineering productivity challenge.” John has more than 30 years of software development experience working for such companies as Ancestry, AdvancedMD, IBM, Corel, Callware Technologies, Control4, and His spare time is gobbled up by his beautiful wife, four sons, reading lots of books, and fly-fishing.