The DevOps Culture of Celebrating Incidents

Spotify recently hit an internal milestone for our number of incidents, something that was met with celebration, custom stickers, and appreciation for the way we engage in technical operations. Spotify didn’t always start out with such a culture, and it took a variety of changes in the way DevOps, incident handling, and infrastructure were done here before such a milestone was met with fanfare in lieu of blame or shame. Learn how Spotify has over the years crafted a blameless learning culture where developers are happy to go oncall, postmortems are spirited, constructive discussions, and “blame the process, not the people” is our DevOps mantra.



James Wen

James Wen is a senior site reliability engineer at Spotify, where he’s currently focused on revamping Spotify’s runtime infrastructure. Previously, James was the team lead (anchor) of the Cloud ...